Mr. Frog Stolen


(From the Augusta Chronicle, August 24, 2003. Article by Charmain Z. Brackett)

frog_missingSherri Rivers woke up Tuesday morning and found a long-time friend was missing. For almost three years “Mr. Frog,” a resin statue of a seated frog, had a seat atop Mrs. Rivers’ wall in front of her Wheeler Road home. On Monday, Mr. Frog had been ready for back to school, but the statue and the desk Mrs. Rivers’ husband, Lang, had built were missing. All that were left were Mr. Frog’s flip-flops. “It’s sad. Maybe I can’t keep a frog up on the wall,” she said.

Since Mrs. Rivers put the statue on her wall to ring in the new millennium, people have written notes and sent cards and emails to let her know how much the dressed-up frog and his messages meant to them. Last fall, she held a block party to welcome friends of Mr. Frog. Guests ate cookies, drank punch and had their picture taken with Mr. Frog.

Brian Mulherin, a west Augusta resident, is upset by the frog’s disappearance. “I was so distressed,” said Mr. Mulherin when he saw Mr. Frog was missing and a sign was in his place, pleading for his return. Mrs. Rivers has had a few responses from the sign. On Wednesday morning she found a standing frog with an umbrella on her front steps. “Some woman and her daughter bought the frog,” she said. She was touched by their thoughtfulness, but because the frog is standing, she’s not sure she can dress it in the way she dressed Mr. Frog. “I don’t think I’ll get him back. I don’t know where to go,” Mrs. Rivers said.