Greetings, Mr. Frog


Believe it or not, Mr. Frog receives cards & letters, emails, and an occasional note left on his perch. Read some of the greetings people have sent below. Mr. Frog would like to hear from you also. Even though he has not learned to read yet, rest assured that someone will read it to him! Use the email link on the left to send Mr. Frog a note.

It's cool to stay in school.
Mr. Frog encourages students.

EMAILS . . .

Dear Mr. Frog, I never thought I would be so interested in a frog but you are sooooo special. Your changes in costume for the different seasons and holidays is interesting. Your sure do have intelligent and creative landlords. I hope you can visit Columbia , S.C. soon. I have lots of friends that want to meet you. -LAINE
Dear Mr. Frog, Just wanted to let you know you have a very famous person living among the lily pads at your home. The lady who lives at your house was featured in a most delightful article in the April 24 edition of Woman’s Day. You will want to rush right out and get a copy today. Hurry! Word has it that the copies are selling like hotcakes!
Dear Mr. Frog, Thank goodness you returned from St. Patrick’s Day unscathed! I just knew some well-meaning princess would plant one on you and change you into a handsome prince or something gross like that! You look marvelous!
I was so distraught to see in the paper this morning that Mr. Frog is missing. I do hope he shows back up. He has been such an inspiration to many and will be greatly missed!
I was sick to read in the newspaper about the “disappearance” of Mr. Frog. I prayed that whomever took him would be convicted of his/her sin and return him.


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Dear Mr. Frog’s Owners, My son, David (6), and I enjoy driving by the frog’s wall. We love to see what Mr. Frog is wearing and saying. Thanks for making our day a little more pleasant.
Dear Mr. Frog, We are sharing this frog-sized piece of pie from our Thanksgiving table. We are thankful that you bring us smiles throughout the year.
I was so sorry to hear about the disappearance of Mr. Frog. I know you were disappointed that someone would be mean enough to take him and I know there will be many people that drive down Wheeler Road that will miss seeing him. Maybe Mr. Frog escaped from his abductors and is off on an exciting adventure. Perhaps there is a children’s story there for you to write! (God never wastes anything in our lives!).
I sincerely hope that when you read this, Mr. Frog has returned to the wall to bring smiles and joy to all who pass. Perhaps he simply went to the creek to cool off. Hoping for the best!
Thank you for brightening our day. We look forward to passing you each day!
Dear Mr. Frog, We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for the cheer you bring our neighborhood at this time and throughout the year.
We have enjoyed the many presentations of your from since we moved into the area in ’99. We pass by on the way to church so we see it regularly. The kids were really worried due to the storm, but were very happy to see “Momma Frog” on Sunday! Thanks for sharing!
To Mr. Frog:
You’re my kinda guy
Oh, I wish I could jump that high!
If I could jump way, way up there
Who knows where we might go from there?
So on this day, just know I’m here
Wishing you the best of cheer.
You do so much throughout the year
Providing us with warmth and cheer.
Your clever wit, your natty wear
Make you a frog without compare.
From an Amorous Amphibian (P.S. Et any good roly-polys lately?)
Dear Mr. Froggy,
I love ya and I hope ya feel better.
I miss you. I like how ya make me smile and laugh.
I hope I see you soon.
Leah, age 4
(This came when he was off the wall for four days because
of high winds and bad weather.)
Dear Mr. Frog:
The Senior Saints of Aldersgate United Methodist
Church sincerely thank you for making an appearance
at our recent luncheon. We enjoyed learning about
your remarkable life and wish you the best as you
grace the Wheeler Road wall…..blessing people as they
ride by.

With gratitude–Anne